Shimizu Corporation contributes to Indonesian infrastructure

Jul 11, 2019

Jakarta (Indonesia), July 11 (ANI): Indonesia is attracting attention from Japanese companies as a production-base in Asia. This is due to the fact that the country has a large population and provides the convenience of logistics using the sea. Japanese construction company, Shimizu Corporation which undertakes infrastructure development in many countries is working on a real estate project of accommodation in an industrial park in Indonesia. Located in the eastern part of Jakarta, “Chikaran Industrial Park” is a production base for many Japanese companies. The major issue with the park is that the travellers and expatriates spend a long time in commuting to their accommodation as the hotels and apartments are located in the centre of Jakarta and the traffic becomes gruelling. The apartment “ISORAS CIKARANG” is scheduled to open in November. It is designed, by Shimizu Corporation and will be managed by the same group. Guests can feel the essence of Japan right at the entrance and in the common area of the apartment. In other words, it is a home-away-from-home for all the Japanese people who would come on a business trip to the country. There are 214 rooms from single-type to family-type, big bath and, restaurant. This is a family type room. It is the same lifestyle as in Japan, such as furniture made of wood and bathtub. Shimizu Corporation, which has contributed to the infrastructure development in many countries, and will expand its business beyond developing infrastructure, and its economic effect, will be useful to the country.