Prez Donald Trump again offers 'help' over Kashmir during meet with PM Imran Khan in Davos

Jan 21, 2020

Davos (Switzerland), Jan 22 (ANI): US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the US was watching the developments between India and Pakistan in relation to Kashmir very closely and again offered his "help". Trump made the remarks ahead of his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday. He met Khan on the sidelines of World Economic Forum in Davos. "We're going to be talking about trade and many other things. But trade is going to be of very, very paramount importance. And we're doing more trade as it turns. And we're working together on some borders, and we're talking about Kashmir and the relation to what's going on with Pakistan and India. And if we can help, we certainly will be helping. And we've been watching that and following it very, very closely," Trump said ahead of his meeting with Khan. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan said, “Of course, India is a big issue for Pakistan and we always hope that the US takes part in resolving because no other country can.”