Pakistani fan who sold tractor for tickets is now an Indian fan too! “Surya has won my heart…”

Jun 13, 2024

New York (USA), June 13 (ANI): Pakistan fan who had sold his tractor to get a ticket worth 3,000 USD but could not get to witness his team winning the game came out to cheer for India on June 12. Praising the Indian Team’s performance against the USA, a Pakistani fan went on to say “Tractor Ke Paise India Ne Vasool Karva Diye," "I sold my tractor for $3000 to watch the India vs Pakistan match, in which we lost. I was very disappointed... Surya has won my heart today. Tractor ke paise India ne vasool karva diye," said a Pakistani fan on India's win against US in the T20 World Cup.