Pakistan can play with religious sentiments of Sikhs, warns expert

Jul 24, 2019

Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir), July 24 (ANI): Experts across the forum believe that Pakistan which has sabotaged the previous peace initiatives between two countries must be hatching anti-Indian conspiracies around the Kartarpur corridor too. Dipankar Sengupta, a senior professor at the Jammu University said that Pakistan has nothing to do with the welfare of any minority community and its diabolic gestures will be exposed in coming times. He said that Pakistan was taking advantage of the fact that there were more Sikh shrines inside its territory. There are multiple evidences available in the public domain that establish Pakistan’s consistent role in propagating the Khalistan propaganda. While it has been constantly pumping in huge sum of money in western countries to keep its objectives alive, it has also been trying to reach to Indian Sikhs. There are a number of occasions when Pakistan has failed gather any traction amongst the mass. Last year, it spent millions to orchestrate an event at the Trafalgar Square in London to launch its ludicrous ‘Referendum 2020’ propaganda but failed to collect even a few loyal supporters.