Ajinomoto helps develop gastronomic delights in Nigeria

Jul 11, 2019

Nigeria, July 11 (ANI): Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa and with its population of about 190 million people the country is offering great business opportunities to many international companies. Japan’s Ajinomoto Group has been operating in Nigeria for over 25 years. The group produces and sells various seasonings and processed foods in more than 130 countries and regions world-wide. Ajinomoto has been used and loved by families all over the world. Originated in Japan, Ajinomoto is an ‘Umami’ seasoning used around the world, which is made from natural ingredients, and it goes through the method of fermentation. “Ajinomoto” distinctive sweetness deepens the taste of cooking, thus decreasing the consumption of salt. In order to deliver Ajinomoto to families around Nigeria, the Ajinomoto Group has established West African Seasoning Company, also known as WASCO in 1991. WASCO produces and sells authentic quality Ajinomoto. The company’s factory in Apapa area in Lagos is focusing on producing quality products and delivering the best to the people. Also, it is creating an environment which takes special care of its products such as protecting them from contamination. All the products go through a thorough inspection both by employees and machines in order to deliver safe and trusted packs to the customers. Japanese companies are significantly contributing to the promotion of good health and good culinary practice for healthy living of all families through the provision of nutritious seasoning products and other products of high quality to all consumers.