Ajinomoto blending with local taste as it expands business to Africa

Jul 25, 2019

Nigeria, July 25 (ANI): A number of businesses are showing high interest in Africa but manufacturers are finding it difficult to sell their products in these new markets. The challenge gets tougher when there is negative perception or wrong information about the products. These energetic Nigerian sales team members reflect the determination of the business to come out on top. It means the success of their companies’ product all over Nigeria even in the south area where it has been facing difficulties. Their activities are supported by clever corporate strategy to benefit from opinion leaders and social media network to spread truth of the product. Japan’s Ajinomoto Group produces and sells various seasonings and processed foods in more than 130 countries. Its product "Ajinomoto", an “Umami” seasoning made from natural ingredient, has been used and loved by families all over the world, including Nigeria. But in the south Nigeria, the product ran into trouble. Ajinomoto started cooperating with popular comedian, Helen Paul, and famous chef Miyonse Amosu as brand ambassadors to inform Nigerians about the safety and use of Ajinomoto Umami seasoning products. The strategy proved to be successful and again people in the south are enjoying the taste of the globally-beloved product. Through cooperation, Japanese companies are providing quality products to meet customer needs.