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Ukraine, Spain sign historic $1.2bn security agreement

May 28, 2024

Madrid [Spain], May 28: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday signed a bilateral security agreement in the Spanish capital.
The deal provides for more than 1.1 billion euros ($1.2bn) in aid for Kiev, including anti-aircraft missiles, Leopard tanks and ammunition.
"The agreement is based on a comprehensive vision of security and therefore covers various areas such as the military sector, financial support and cooperation between the military industries," Sanchez said at a press conference.
Zelensky called the deal "live-saving aid in these difficult times," saying it would be crucial in defending Ukraine against Russian forces.
Spanish media said it was the largest military aid package in the country's history.
Sanchez was also asked about Ukraine's demands for authorization to use Western weapons against targets on Russian territory. He responded: "We certainly don't have this will, this intention, and I have no information about it." The Ukrainian president arrived in Madrid earlier on Monday on his first state visit to Spain. He was greeted by King Felipe VI on landing at Madrid-Barajas airport before meeting Sanchez.
Zelensky later attended a reception at the Royal Palace and met with parliamentary leaders Francina Armengol and Pedro Rollan.
His visit to Spain and Portugal was originally planned for the middle of the month. However, the Ukrainian president was forced to postpone following the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region.
A new date for a visit to Portugal has not yet been officially announced, although there was speculation in Lisbon that Zelensky could fly on to Portugal from Spain.
Source: Qatar Tribune