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Trump said he would suppress pro-Palestinian protests at American universities

May 28, 2024

New York [US], May 28: Former US President Donald Trump told a group of his donors that he would crack down on pro-Palestinian protests at US universities if re-elected.
Former President Donald Trump , currently a Republican presidential candidate, called protests against Israel 's war in the Gaza Strip part of a "radical revolution" and promised rich donors there is that he will push the movement back into a weak position like "25-30 years ago" if he is helped to return to the White House.
According to The Guardian , Jewish sponsors made up the majority of the above event, which took place on May 14 in New York and was recently reported by American media. "If you help me get re-elected, we will bring that movement back 25-30 years ago," Mr. Trump said.
The Republican candidate also announced that his administration would deport any foreign students found participating in such protests. At the event, a sponsor complained about the possibility that many students and scholars participating in the protests could hold positions of power in the US in the future.
The protest movement at American universities has made a big splash recently. Mr. Trump praised New York police for clearing tent camps set up by protesters on the Columbia University campus and called on other cities to follow suit. "This (protest) needs to end immediately," he said.
Republicans have sought to make the issue a focal point of the upcoming election season, portraying the protests as chaos that President Joe Biden 's administration has no control over. Republican lawmakers also held multiple hearings to highlight this issue, highlighting reports of anti-Semitic behavior while many school leaders failed to respond.
Also at the event, Mr. Trump clarified his position on Israel 's military campaign in the Gaza Strip after months of equivocation, saying he supported the country's right to continue its "war on terror".
In March, he told a famous Israeli newspaper that Tel Aviv needed to end the war, bring peace and "stop killing people".
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper