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Speaker Nasheed calls to uncover truth behind missing journo's disappearance

Aug 31, 2019

Male' (Maldives) August 31: Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has called to find those who are responsible for the abduction of Minivan news journalist Ahmed Rilwan and to bring them in front of justice.
31st August is marked as the International Day of the Disappeared every year.
In a tweet published on the occasion, Nasheed said Rilwan's family has been waiting for justice for five years since his disappearance in 2014. Wishing the family strength, Nasheed called to uncover the truth behind the disappearance at the earliest.
Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has also tweeted about the missing journalist on Saturday.
In his tweet, the minister assured that the government is committed to bringing those responsible for Rilwan's disappearance to justice, and affirmed that the country is ready to work globally to bring an end to such violations.
Uncovering what happened to Rilwan is a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The Presidential Commission on Enforced Disappearances and Murders is currently investigating the case.
On the five year anniversary of Rilwan's disappearance, Commission President Suood stated that they had information on the "terrorist group" behind his disappearance, and revealed that those involved in the incident had been identified. Suood said that the commission had enough proof to charge and convict those involved. The identities of the perpetrators will be announced before the end of August, he had said.
However, what happened to Rilwan still remains unclear, and the investigation is still ongoing, said Suood.
Rilwan was abducted on 8th August 2014. While the identities of involved parties still remains unannounced, what happened to him also remains unknown.