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Gaza's al-Aqsa Hospital faces imminent shutdown

May 28, 2024

Gaza border [Israel], May 28: Gaza's Government Media Office has said in a statement that Deir el-Balah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital is once again facing an imminent risk of shutdown.
It comes after Israeli forces blocked the supply of fuel on Sunday afternoon.
This threatens to "stop health services during the next few hours for all departments of the hospital" and lead to a catastrophe, according to the office.
The government called on the international community to pressure Israel to supply 50,000 litres (13,208 gallons) of fuel to the hospital to ensure it can function for at least 10 days.
"The hospital administration holds the Israeli occupation and the American administration fully responsible for this terrible crime," it said.
Gaza hospitals are reduced to practicing "medieval medicine", according to a British surgeon who recently returned from the besieged Palestinian enclave.
"It's absolutely true to describe it as medieval medicine. It is what you would hear about or read about what would be happening in Europe maybe 300, 400 years ago," Dr Khaled Dawas, the head of gastrointestinal surgery at University College London Hospitals, told the AFP news agency.
Dawas described dire conditions in Gaza with medical staff operating virtually without supplies, with intermittent power supplies and patients lying on the floor. (Agencies)
Source: Qatar Tribune