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Authorities investigate the pregnancy of a 13-year old

Nov 24, 2019

Male (Maldives) Nov 24: Gender Ministry on Saturday stated that they are investigating the pregnancy of a minor.
The ministry's announcement comes amid reports that a man stabbed on a local fishing boat and thrown overboard Friday night had married a 13-year old girl 'out of court' and impregnated the girl.
Gender Ministry said the ministry took immediate action when reports of the pregnancy were received. The ministry completed the required procedures, and has officially requested authorities to take action against the adults involved, the ministry said. No further details were shared.
The police confirmed that they were investigating the case of a child pregnancy jointly with the Gender Ministry.
A 26 year old man named Ismail Hammad from R. Maduvvary was assaulted on a fishing boat with a knife and thrown into the sea by his attackers. The victim swam to a nearby island where he received help. The man, said to be in critical condition, is now being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in capital Male'.
Some media have reported the man to be a religious extremist.